Furnace Repair & Installation

Gas Furnace Repair & Installation

Furnace Repair & InstallationWhether you need to install a new furnace, replace an old furnace, or repair a furnace that is malfunctioning, you can trust the experts at Heat Relief, LLC. We have over 28 years of experience in the HVAC industry, and we offer comprehensive gas furnace repair and installation services to residents of the Central Florida region. Our knowledgeable professionals can help you find a personalized solution based on your unique needs and circumstances. We are always happy to answer your questions and help you understand your options when it comes to furnaces.

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Gas furnaces aren’t very common in this region, but they can keep you more comfortable when the temperature drops and use less energy than an electric space heater. If you want complete temperature control all year round, Relief Services, LLC can help you choose and install a high-quality, energy-efficient furnace. If you already have a furnace and are experiencing issues, we will respond promptly to diagnose and repair the issue. We offer cost-effective, long-lasting repair solutions that homeowners can depend on. We also offer preventative maintenance services to help your furnace perform optimally and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Dirty Filters: Furnace air filters get clogged up with dust and other air pollutants. This reduces the efficiency of your system and has an impact on the air quality in your home. If you are experiencing low airflow, or if you know it’s time to replace your filters, give us a call.

Slipped Blower Belt: If you hear a high-pitched squeal coming from your furnace, you should shut it off and contact us. This is most likely caused by a slipped or frayed blower belt, which we can replace at a reasonable price.

Thermostat Malfunctions: If your furnace doesn’t turn on when it’s supposed to and/or won’t heat your home to the temperature you set, there’s a good chance it’s due to an issue with your thermostat. These devices often need to be recalibrated by a professional. We can also replace your thermostat if yours is broken or you are looking for an upgrade.

Regular Maintenance: Even if you don’t use your furnace often, you should do regular maintenance to ensure it’s always working as efficiently as possible. Our preventative maintenance program will extend the lifespan of your unit, maintain its energy-efficiency, and help you avoid unexpected repair expenses.

Need to install or repair a gas furnace? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions about our services. Our technicians are on-call and would be happy to assist you. Our furnace repair services are available to residential properties in Pasco County, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Sarasota County, Marion County, Citrus County, Sumter County, Lake County, Seminole County, Orange County, Polk County, Osceola County, Manatee County, Hardee County, Highlands County, and Hernando County, FL, so please contact us today.

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